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RBS Specialty LLC, powered by ElectRx, creates meaningful, sustainable, transparent, and accountable partnerships with Employer Sponsor Groups to lower the cost of prescription drug benefit programs with no conflicts of interests to current PBM’s. We delivery friendly and efficient administrative services at the point of sale which ensures that the plan metrics you establish will be precisely adhered to.

Your fiduciary obligation to tax payers or shareholders is our highest priority with your savings repatriated to the bottom line of your organization. Not only are we absolutely committed to save your organization money on current drug costs, we are equally committed to reducing your future drug spend through our unique series of programs in addition to enhancing your Employee Benefits Plan offering.

There are key differences that separate RBS Specialty LLC from our competition through our partnership with ElectRx:
  • Employees order prescriptions directly from Vendors and receive all medications via mail order up to a 90 day supply  or as prescribed by their physician

  • We are a “fully integrated” Prescription Drug Benefit Consulting Firm providing Retail, Mail Order, Compounding, and Specialty Pharmacy Services, all with PBM oversight.

  • Full Integration with multiple TPA partners nationwide

  • Significant Claims Dollar reductions on Brand, Specialty and Infusion Pharmaceuticals.

  • Claims analysis and reporting using novel data metrics on a monthly and quarterly basis.

  • Drug Utilization Review (DUR) in real time at each point of sale guarantees full compliance with all professional and regulatory standards and ensures adherence to your plan metrics.

  • Zero or reduced co-pays on many product fulfillments.

  • Performance contracts with a 90 day “without cause” termination clause.

  • OTC and Therapeutic Product Substitution (TPS) Programs that optimize clinical outcomes at much lower cost.

About Our International Pharmacy Partners:

In the United States, consumers pay up to 20% more than other countries for the EXACT same medications. Our international pharmacy program only sources medications from “Tier 1” countries  which have been deemed by Congress to have “the same or higher standards than the United States.”

Tier 1 Countries 

  • These are advanced countries with major economies and robust legal and regulatory systems similar to the USA

  • Elect Rx only sources product from Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland 

Manufacturing Facilities ​

  • Mutual Recognition Agreements or MRA's cover Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) between all of these countries and the USA 

  • Drugs are manufactured and packaged to the highest standards with the most secure sources of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and Excipient 

Medication Dispensing 

  • ElectRx only uses bricks and mortar retail pharmacies  in Tier 1 Countries

  • Professional standards governing Pharmacists and Best Pharmacy Practices are equivalent to or greater than similar practices and expectations in the USA

  • Comprehensive and current patient profiles and DUR's (Drug Utilization Reviews ) are standard practice with each fulfillment

  • Medications are only dispensed in the factory sealed packages the were originally shipped from the Wholesaler / Distributor in (No pill counting manually or automated)

  • Cold Chain/Cool Chain products are handled with the greatest degree of diligence from the manufacturing process through the supply chain to the end user

  • Complete A to Z mail tracking is used for all shipments 

Safety Protocals:

  • All Medications are Factory packaged and sealed

  • Narcotic Medications are NEVER sourced

  • Physical Prescription required for dispensing

  • Members contacted directly for refills

  • All pharmacies have licensed pharmacist on site

Pharmacist  in aisle of Pharmacy




1111 Lucerne Terr. Orlando, FL 32806

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